About AD Mobility

About Abu Dhabi Mobility

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) with its new brand identity Abu Dhabi Mobility (AD Mobility) signals a new era in transportation, to a dynamic force shaping the future of movement. This strategic transformation encompasses a comprehensive oversight of land transport, aviation, and maritime activities, in addition to driver and vehicle licensing services, underlining the government’s commitment to establishing a smart, sustainable, and safe mobility ecosystem.

More than a vision, the centre is a dedicated promise to enhance the lives of citizens and residents in the Emirate while driving economic growth. It will leverage state-of-the-art technology, innovative ideas, and sustainability initiatives to adapt to the growing population, reshape urban living, and address evolving transportation needs.

These include increasing road capacity, reducing commute times and introducing an expanded bus fleet, an extensive cycling lane network, and the Intelligent Transport Management Centre (iTMC). The (iTMC) will utilize artificial intelligence alongside existing technologies to enhance operational efficiency, alleviate congestion, and optimize overall traffic management, ensuring a seamless transportation experience for all.

The Centre also oversees aviation and maritime transportation, envisioning a future-ready mobility system marked by operational excellence. In tandem with these efforts, environmental sustainability is another core mandate, with plans ranging from electrifying public buses to introducing water taxis, trams, Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, and expanding cycling lanes.

ITC embodies a promise to enhance the lives of residents and stimulate economic growth. From expanding road capacity and embracing cutting-edge technologies to introducing the iTMC and advancing aviation and maritime transportation, it paints a comprehensive vision for a connected and environmentally conscious future. The entity is not just a catalyst for positive change; it is a defining force propelling Abu Dhabi towards enhanced liveability, accessibility, and global recognition in the dynamic landscape of smart city initiatives.

Our Responsibilities

The Integrated Transport Centre is the responsible entity for operating public transport and managing parking spaces, traffic monitoring centers, axle weights stations, logistical facilities of freight surface transport and roads sector according to the approved transport plans in which improves the quality of services offered in the sector. In addition to supporting the efforts dedicated by Abu Dhabi Government to accomplish a balanced and comprehensive development that nurtures an intelligent, integrated and sustainable transport sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Public Transport
Managing Parking Space
 Traffic Monitoring Centres
Traffic safety
School transport
Our Vision

Seamless mobility for the people and businesses of Abu Dhabi

Our Mission

Develop, regulate, and enable land, aviation, and maritime transportation to achieve safe, smart, sustainable and competitive mobility for the wellbeing and prosperity of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Our Values
Future Shaping
Our Stakeholders

We Would like to invite interested companies and entities in partnerships with AD Mobility to submit their request to: Business.development@itc.gov.ae

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