Commercial Transport

Commercial Transport

ITC’s Asateel platform has been developed to enhance the accountability, productivity and safety of all commercial transport activities in Abu Dhabi Emirate such as, freight, passenger bus and school bus transport.

Using Asateel, companies can obtain the required permits to practice commercial transport activities in the Emirate as laid out in the applicable Executive Regulations for each transport domain.

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Registration & Process

After registering in Asateel, companies must install on-board tracking devices in their vehicles. Permits are only available for vehicles that have a functioning tracking device installed. The list of approved device suppliers and brand/models can be found below.

After your first login, please read carefully the “Welcome” page; it contains helpful information on how to use Asateel, where to find additional information, and how to request support in case of difficulties.

Registered companies can access a wide range of Services after logging in Asateel, as follows:

  • Company Operation Permits
    Companies require a permit in order to practice their transport activity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi:
    • Apply for freight transport operation permit
    • Apply for passenger bus transport operation permit
    • Apply for bike transport operation permit
    • Apply for e-device transport operation permit
  • Vehicle Permits
    These services enable companies to apply for permits for their transport vehicles:
    • Apply for a permit to operate freight transport vehicle
    • Apply for permit to operate passenger buses
  • Driver Permits
    These services enable companies to apply for permits for their drivers to operate a vehicle:
    • Apply for permit for freight transport vehicle driver
    • Apply for passenger buses driver permit
  • Support services:
    • Create a help desk ticket in order to report a problem in Asateel or request technical support

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Download list of approved tracking devices