People Of Determination

People of Determination

People of Determination are eligible to the following privileges from ITC

Toll Gate System
  • Exempted from toll fees
  • To submit an exemption request for one vehicle under the name of the applicant or a first degree relative.
Public Buses
  • Unlimited travel in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs buses
  • 50% discount on intercity bus services:
  • Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra Region
  • Abu Dhabi and Al Ain
    • All buses are equipped to be accessible for People of Determination to use wheelchairs
  • Use Hafilat Smart Cards
  • For People of Determination, elderly and disabled: 50% off the total fare cost.
  • Taxi discount card request should be submitted to the Ministry of Community Development
  • Trained drivers and equipped taxis to be accessible for People of Determination