School Transport

School Transport

Safe school transportation that guarantees the safety of our students

"Salama" Application

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The app aims to raise levels of security and safety for students during their trips on school buses and to enhance parents’ trust in the school transport sector through effective communication between parents and schools.

App Features

  • The app allows parents to monitor students' bus trips to and from school in real-time to ensure their safety.
  • The app enables parents to directly communicate with bus supervisors and operators.
  • The app is available to all students in private and charter schools in Abu Dhabi, during its first stage.
  • The app operates on Android and iOS smart mobile phones.

Features of the Salama App

Features of the app include providing status update and details of the school bus trip in real time, time of trip’s departure and destination, the time in which students board and disembark from the school bus, and record students attendance, as well as the estimated arrival time at school or home through notifications sent to parents. It also provides parents and schools with details on drivers and supervisors, and allows direct communication with bus supervisor and operators.

For reporting any violations by school bus drivers or addressing safety concerns about the bus, by calling the Service Support Centre of the Department of Municipalities and Transport on its toll-free number 800850



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