The Green Buses Capacity Programme

The Green Buses Capacity Programme in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is poised to benefit from a comprehensive action plan aimed at commencing the operation of public transport buses within the Emirate. The program strives to acquire cutting-edge technology and solutions in the realms of power and electricity, with the objective of providing optimal services to the residents, visitors, and inhabitants of Abu Dhabi. This endeavor is carried out in collaboration with international governmental bodies and our factory, ensuring that these solutions are seamlessly integrated into their intended environment.

Program Pillars:

First Pillar: Empowering and enhancing Emirati skills and competencies through targeted training programs in the field of hydrogen and electric buses. Practical training sessions are conducted in both South Korea (Changguan City) and the People’s Republic of China (Shenzhen Bus Group).

Second Pillar: Assessing various models of hydrogen buses procured through agreements with the program's partners in the green bus manufacturing sector.

Third Pillar: Designing and implementing the infrastructure required for charging buses with hydrogen and electric energy.