MAWAQiF, the parking sector of the Integrated Transport Centre specializes managing and organizing parking spaces in Abu Dhabi Emirate. MAWAQiF developed a parking management program that provides sustainable solutions aimed at ensuring a more accessible and less congested city. This initiative supports Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 to place Abu Dhabi as one of the leading world capitals.

MAWAQiF inspectors monitor the sectors where the system is implemented to enforce the parking law (No.18 year 2009) and take appropriate measures and offer advice and consultancy about the related services and regulations.

Villa/Resident Parking Permit

Residents’ permits are issued to the property owner or tenant in addition to first- and second-degree relatives living in the same residence. Click here to apply for the service.

Maximum number of permits
  • UAE Nationals:

    Apartment: 4 or according to the inspector's report.

    Villa: As per inspector's report.

  • Non-UAE Nationals:

    2 permits, and as per inspector's report for additional permits requested.