We license and organize the transport service using public and private taxi vehicles and license booking and dispatching service providers in order to meet the needs of the public in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Free-floating Car Sharing

Free-floating Car-sharing service offers residents who do not wish to own a vehicle the opportunity to rent vehicles for a specified period, in minutes, hours or days. The service is provided in coordination with private sector operators to offer vehicles throughout the city. This is one of the key green transport initiatives that aim to reduce car ownership and individual use of private vehicles thereby promoting shared services and reducing vehicle emissions as some of the vehicles are also low emission.

This service aims to encourage changing travel behaviors towards sustainable mobility and reduce congestion while changing the transport modes used to more efficient and sustainable modes of transport.


Car Sharing Benefits:

  • Reduces the need to own a personal car and promotes shared services
  • Reduces the demand for parking spaces in the city.
  • Helps to reduce congestion in the city.
  • Helps to reduce emissions.

Current private sector providers available in the Emirate:



24/7 vehicle rental services available on-demand in different areas across Abu Dhabi Emirate. It also provides features that support the individual's shift towards car sharing. The advantages of car-sharing services are:

  • Pay per-minute or rent it long-term (daily or weekly).
  • Wide variety of vehicles - compacts, electric, luxury.
  • Parked in your community - around you.
  • Pick up and drop the car anywhere.
  • Reasonable rates ranging from 0.65 - 120 fils per minute.
  • Free petrol, parking and insurance.

How to use the service?

Download The service operator's application to find the vehicle nearest to you.


(Note: the user must be at least 21 year old).

Required Documents: Emirates ID, Driving License and credit card information.

Activate the identification code that you will receive via email (save the code as you will need it later to operate the vehicle).

Book and open the vehicle through the application or the website for instant use or pre-book 2 weeks ahead (find the nearest vehicle in the map and it will be activated, it unlocks locks automatically when selected).

Follow the operating instructions shown on the screen (you will receive a personalized code to operate the vehicle, enter the code in the device allocated in the car glove box to get the car key and start the journey).

Enjoy your trip and commit to following the safety and traffic laws upon use (the trip fees include all the following and does not require additional fees on your part: petrol, parking, insurance)

After completing your journey, return the vehicle to the same city from which you started (you can park the car at any vacant spot/parking, return the key into the key holder in the glove box, and remember to take all your belongings).

Carsharing is a great way to have access to a car for a short period when your regular transport is not available.

For inquiries, please contact the Service Support call centers on 800850

Are you a car-sharing service operator?

How can we provide support?

ITC provides the following:

  • Issuing operating permits for new services.
  • Determine the geographical areas authorised to provide the service and determine the number of vehicles, dedicated parking and any related requirements.
  • Regular follow-up with service providers.
  • Follow up on performance evaluation reports and correct wrong practices, if any.
  • Follow up on operators' compliance with security and safety guidelines.
  • Directing instructions regarding operations during specific conditions (i.e. emergency cases) in order to preserve the safety of users.
  • Supporting the service and imposing appropriate penalties for any misuse related to the traffic law and when reporting any sabotage or misuse.

ITC, in coordination with the concerned authorities, has set up a number of operational requirements and standards to ensure high levels of service and safety standards.

In case of any inquiries or requests regarding the service, please contact

the Service Support call centers for inquiries on 800850