We license and organize the transport service using public and private taxi vehicles and license booking and dispatching service providers in order to meet the needs of the public in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Working as a Private Taxi Driver

(For Emirati and Children of Emirati Mothers)

Requirements to obtain a Private Taxis Permit for UAE nationals or Children of Emiratis mothers:

To issue private taxi driver permit, the following requirements must be submitted:



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  • 2
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Passport copy + Unified number page

Initial approval from the concerned authorities

A recent personal photo of the driver with a white background

A valid UAE driving license

Criminal Status Research Certificate

Health Status certificate proving his suitability for work

A medical certificate for Eye Examination

Valid residence for Children of Emirati mothers

Emirates ID

A Pass Assessment Certificate from The Integrated Transport Centre


(Upon the permit issuance)*


12 months

3 months


3 months

3 months

12 months



3 months

Issuing Entity


Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship

Abu Dhabi Police


Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police

Department of Health

Department of Health

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Integrated Transport Centre

(*) The period shall be calculated from the date of issuance of the document from the issuing Authority to the date on which the taxi driver's permit is issued.

Children of Emiratis mothers applicants must submit an official document proving the relationship (Birth Certificate).


Steps to obtain a permit to drive a private taxi:

1   First Step

Creating a new driver profile and filling up the electronic identification document through the Licensing and Enforcement System (LES), to get the initial approval from ITC.

Required documents:
  • Copy of the driver passport (Coloured).
  • Driver's photo with white background.
  • A copy of School Certificate of completing ten academic years successfully.

(*) The applicant who wants to work as a private taxi driver bears the responsibility for ensuring the authenticity of the documents submitted. ITC has the right to cancel the driver's profile and blacklist him in case any of the aforementioned documents are proven to be forged, and an official investigation will be initiated to indicate the parties involved in providing ITC with false documents.

Fees: None.

Responsible Division: Customer Happiness Office.

Result: An electronic record of the result of the initial approval request (Approval or Rejected) from Abu Dhabi Police.

2   Second Step

Uploading UAE Driving License in the LES and updating the driver's online profile.

Required documents:
  • Original UAE Driving License.
  • Update the driver's personal photo,
    wearing the uniform of the UAE.

Fees: None.

Responsible Division: Customer Happiness Office.

3   Third Step

Complete 5 training courses (Excellence in Customer Service, ITC Regulation, Traffic Skills, Risk Management and Communication) through the Smart Training System.

4   Fourth Step

Get an appointment for the ITC Assessment through LES.

All drivers must pass the ITC Assessment to obtain a private taxi permit which consist of:

  • Oral Assessment.
  • Written Assessment.

ITC Assessment appointment can be given only if the following requirements are met:

  • Creation of ITC Driver Profile.
  • Completing the Training Courses specified by ITC.

Drivers must be present in the assessment halls 30 minutes before the assessment appointment. Applicants may be available if their assessment test is no later then 90 minutes. The driver is considered to be failed if he is late for the assessment appointment after 90 minutes.

The driver passes the ITC Assessment if he answers 60% of the questions correctly.

Required Documents:
  • The applicant must show his UAE Driving License once he comes for the assessment.
  • The applicant must have uploaded it to the system and obtained ITC's approval.
Fees: None

Frees are due when the appointment is booked. Fees will not be refunded if the driver is late.

Responsible Division: Licensing Section in Mussafah & Al Ain.

Result: An Electronic Record of the Assessment result.

5   Fifth Step

Issuing a private taxi permit.

Required Documents:

The driver must submit the following documents through LES:

  • Criminal Status research certificate
  • Health status certificate proving his suitability for work
  • A medical certificate for an eye examination
  • Valid visa for non-Emiratis
  • Emirates ID

In order to complete the validation process of the aforementioned documents, the driver must bring true copies of the original documents and should be approved by the Customer Happiness Office in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain.

Fees: None

Responsible Division: Customer Happiness Office.

Result: Private taxi permit to be handed to the driver. The driver will receive his private taxi permit.


Cases of stopping a private Taxi Permit

Private Taxi Permit will be electronically suspended in the following cases:


Private taxi permit is expired.

Action required:

Initiate the procedure to issue a Private Taxi Permit.


The expiration of one of the following documents during the validity of the permit:

Document Period
UAE Driving License -
A valid residence visa 30 days
Emirates ID 30 days
Action required:

Upload the documents on the LES system, then to be approved by Customer Happiness Office

Responsible Division:

Customer Happiness Office